With a long career in (still in progress) in an occupation that requires a lot of vigilance and preparation I can tell you if you need a tool badly you would offer someone a 100 times more than it’s worth to buy if from him. I HIGHLY recommend this knife. Many people tell me not to bring a knife, but instead to bring a good phone. Because in hunting or surviving situation only a good quality knife can help you to save your life if you fall into any problem. Consider a knife that will attach to your backpack shoulder strap or horizontally to your backpack hipbelt instead. You are dragging me slowly out of the stone age! The United Kingdom boasts much stricter laws than the U.S. (including New York City etc.) . This traditional method makes carrying a fixed blade knife a breeze. Already we have explained some popular different knives that you can use for hunting, camping, hiking or deer skinning. Probably it is the best knife in this article. this is a different type of wilderness journey. Did you notice we didn't add guns or knives to this list? Other essentials include 550 cord, foot powder, etc…. Even most professional hunters and backpackers carry different types of knife, not only a single knife. Any recommendations for a first knife? The nature around you will differ depending on where you’re hiking, but even the knowledge of a couple of edible plants could save your life, so do the research and remember, if in serious need, take one of Bear Grylls‘ survival tips and eat some insects for the protein and fat. I am 17, and going on the Appalachian next fall. Bring a compass, learn to use the stars, whatever navigational tool other than a battery-powered device. However, I do know I will definitely be wearing one. For cooking delicious food to hunting everywhere you need a good knife. Make fun all you want but I've learned by experience, I will always carry a knife and my prusiks if I'm on a rope. Pun intended. However, this is not the primary reason I carry a knife. Before carry or buying a new knife, you should know about it. The question of whether or not one should carry a gun while hiking has long been a topic in online group chats, and there is a Facebook group just for women who hike with guns. It has nothing to do with an ego, but everything to do with protection and preparation. No, folks. So let’s have a look which is best?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ibc7_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_11',113,'0','0'])); Carbon steel is very softer if you compare with stainless steel and you can easily sharpen it without much effort. If you don’t know why, look up the Boy Scout motto. You have no idea what the TRUE outdoors is all about. Plain and simple. Because it is very heavy and difficult to use. A knife is of absolute importance if you wish to be prepared for any kind of emergency, or just any daily cutting task. Not how my phone is going to help me survive. Especially a bowie knife has a large history because it comes from many years ago and day after day popular knife brands changed its looks. Who would’ve thought people would get so worked up over a knife!! It is one of the first choices of all hunters if they beginner or expert it’s doesn’t matter. . The suspect continued on his way and she never saw him again. Finally! Because within $30 to $50 you will get a premium quality knife that you can carry it anywhere and use when you need it. Mine was practically useless in many places on the trail, and that was provided I could keep it charged the entire time! Specially clip point knives are used especially for skinning, and this knife featured with a full tang fixed blade. Try letting go. Or I can pull my knife out slow, get along stick, and pin it own with the stick! Im liking the BK24, its light, and feels good in my hand. 2) She encountered a large rattlesnake crossing the trail in front of her (a knife would have been unlikely to help in this circumstance, but do not disregard the psychological benefit of having it during such an encounter regardless of its actual utility). Why carry a knife? And many expert guys called a fixed blade knife that is “sheath knife”.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'ibc7_org-box-4','ezslot_5',108,'0','0'])); Do we hope maybe already you know what’s the reason to call it? Depending on how remote the hike, I either take my KA-BAR & small axe or just a regular hiking/camping knife. I for one appreciate the advice and would provide the same to anyone/everyone I care about. If I were packing my fears, I’d have 5 different outfits, a full blown first aid kit, 2 extra pairs of shoes and a months supply of food. and the grandfather looks out at the viewer with the extremely awkward expression of one who knows that you know that he knows you both know he was really hoping his grandson wouldn’t bring that up. And it’s full tang and triple-rivet gives it more durability and stability. even then, we are likely talking about the smallest knife possible. In this brief video, we will discuss the pros and cons about taking a knife into the wilderness on your thru-hike. Almost all of the knives that backpackers carry do not classify as prohibited by law. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Because only one knife never gives you a great opportunity to use it for various work. I live by the saying “If you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared.”. Enjoying and look forward to your posts. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Going into that would be a whole other article in itself, but you are correct; there are knives you can carry the length of the AT. It’s like you were asking them to carry one…or worse…carry yours! Because within $30 to $50 you will get a premium quality knife that you can carry it anywhere and use when you need it. That’s fine. Mr Kearns asks the question but it must have been rhetorical for he never gives a specific reason. A simple pocket knife is only for small work, but when you looking for a heavy-duty job, so you should look for a big and strong knife that will work as you want. You can’t do any heavy-duty job. If you carry a pocket knife sharpener it will make your knife crazy sharp everywhere and every time. Well my old man was a Navy man and all those old time sailors carried some sort of blade. Finnish puukkos are the best small ultra-sharp utility knives. It was designed to be an impressive knife for a bad ass in the movies. Horace Kephart, Ray Mears, Dave Canterbury, Cody Lundin, Les Stroud, Matt Graham, Laura Zera, Bear Grylls, Tom Brown… All of these people are better in the back country than you are and none of these folks would EVER go into the wilderness without some sort of edged tool. And if you look at this price so it would be very affordable than other knives. I have never walked a single step without a fixed blade with me. You will be better served to carry an emergency device such as SPOT or InReach. LOL! You could start a NOBO of the AT at the same time as this guy, he will complete the NOBO, pass you on the SOBO and then pass you again as he rehikes NOBO. Carry equipment you can use to defend yourself. and even the Brits are allowed small, folding pocket knives. So, you choose whether to carry a heavier and bulkier full blade knife with you when you are going on an outdoor camping or hiking trip. 3) She was hiking alone after her trail mates all dropped off the trail, and a pack of coyotes or wild dogs began circling her position and closing in on her. Carry what you like to each his own its your journey. It looks like the knife front point was clipped off and here is the reason that why people called it to clip point knife? I have debated the topic with these people (mostly ultralighters) a few times. This statement reinforces the believe that we pack our fears. Keep up the good work! To be fair, the knife pictured here is not the typical knife, so anyone wanting to carry anything over 3″ blade length should also research state and local laws. If you carry a Swedish Mora they only weigh a few ounces, are high quality and very inexpensive ($12-15). Large fixed blade weapons are illegal to conceal. https://ibc7.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (https://ibc7.org) (amazon.com, or endless.com, MYHABIT.com, SmallParts.com, or AmazonWireless.com). I live by the saying “If you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared.”. COLD STEEL 17T KOBUN. Lightweight and able to handle a bit more abuse than the Swiss army knife. Maybe you have seen it many movies or internet people used it for surviving. You should always choose a safe design because the knife can damage your backpack. As a matter of fact I don’t own a knife with a blade over 5 inches. No, carrying a knife in the event that I need one is being prepared, not being afraid. Your experience is very limited, thus making your advice worthless. Here’s why. I think you would be better off with a good cell phone and a canteen of water and leave the knives at home. You modern hikers are basically just taking a walk in the woods like my grandparents used to do after dinner. No sweat Sean…keep up the great advice that people can take or leave as they see fit! However, novice backpackers on the A.T. often make the mistake of carrying too much food. BPL Member. I do carry a knife. And without a perfect knife for outdoor adventures that look’s like a gun without a bullet. 39 years around the sun. She related 4 stories where a knife might have come in handy for self-defense purposes: 1) She encountered a mother bear and her cubs along the trail (and yes, a knife will be a huge asset if you are attacked by a bear… or perhaps you’d rather fight one with your bare hands?). But it is far better because it will never get stain or corrosion even rusted very easily. trail angels. Because it has special folding feature that you can simply use your hand to open or close the blade in the blink of an eye. Quality Steel. you aren’t taking this journey alone, even if you go solo. Which is why I will be carrying one on my hip during my thru-hike this year. When you think about how much weight you should carry backpacking, you have to understand a bit of backpacking history. if you get lost, even a little, you have a phone with gps to get you back on trail. Then decapitate it before it has the chance to escape! Aug 27, 2014 at 7:47 pm #2130982. If you would like to see what I mean, here is a prime example: http://rockymountainbushcraft.blogspot.com/2013/08/review-benchmade-bushcrafter-knife-has.html. A cell phone can’t process food, cut cordage, build you a shelter, etc. That Rambo knife had no tang, by the way. I grew up in Florida. Choosing Between the AT, PCT, and CDT, DNA Sequencing Could Help ID Hiker Found Dead in 2018, Backpacker Radio 85 | Neville Harris of Woods Hole Hostel, Becoming a Master Naturalist Changed How I See the Trail, 5 Things I Learned Thru-Hiking as a Solo Female, https://thetrek.co/appalachian-trail/the-top-backpacks-on-the-appalachian-trail-2016-at-thru-hiker-survey/. But we think you can use a premium quality bowie knife as an alternative of Masetti. Not just on the AT but everywhere. Wise Up People. I definitely appreciate it. The sheath is on a dangler. Because without permission you can’t collect any tactical knives or carry. Better to spend the $12 up front. I don’t argue with your contention that a knife is a valuable addition to your backpacking kit, but I will say that wearing a non-folding – and excessively heavy and non-folding – knife in a belt sheath will make it damned near impossible to correctly utilize the hipbelt on your backpack. I'm also heavily bearded. EDIT: complementary information. That goes for any other piece of gear you chose to not carry, at least the second time you want to borrow it! It’s great when walking or hiking because the knife will stay out of sight and out of mind, that is, until it’s needed. The main drawback is that you should try to keep moisture from sitting on the blade as this steel will be more prone to … I see no people. There are two thumb rules for any hiker; you must inform someone where you are going and always carry a hiking knife. Most of the time you will never find a knife that is versatile. A good knife is the most basic & important piece of equipment for going out where the wild things are. In fact, i can’t understand the comments above de-crying the knife as useless in survival. Even to save yourself from any wild animal you can use your knife, or with it, you can make a weapon. When deciding how much food to carry for your trip, keep these tips in mind. RAN. Pocket Knives. Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman (Made In The USA, Forever Warranty, Rust resistant steel “420HC”) Because it is portable and lightweight to use, and the reason very easily can open for deerskin for cleaning. Have a great SOBO! For most people running 58 feet is difficult. Yes. Because a pocket folding knife is very compact, lightweight, and portable and the reason why most people love it so much.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'ibc7_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',106,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'ibc7_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',106,'0','1'])); And if you look at this price so it would be very affordable than other knives. The choice is still there, but I would recommend being prepared as well. And maybe you have seen it in a Hollywood movie in Rambo. It can be crucial in the … But there are some knives available in the market that you can use for some different work. also, if you look at the 2016 thru hiker survey (https://thetrek.co/appalachian-trail/the-top-backpacks-on-the-appalachian-trail-2016-at-thru-hiker-survey/), you will see more people dropping knives than picking them up along the way. What’s my phone going to do when I come across a venomous snake. Sun protection. A cell phone battery will die and if you’re lost, there’s only so many charges left in that portable battery charger you brought. Regarding the size of the tool being an ego thing I’ll just assume that you’re being witty with a comment that fits nicely into your posting. Here’s some advice that’s not worthless – stop projecting your insecurities on others and deriving your sense of self-worth from being a classic case of the “internet tough guy”. The most experienced outdoor organizations (Boy Scouts etc.) (Best at wood carving) Nope. In the market, there are many kinds of knives available but you should choose the right one that you actually need for your particular adventure. Go where the people, roads, towns and phone service are not. Every survival expert or experienced outdoorsman will tell you. I could list a couple of anecdotes here as examples to that point, but that’s a whole other article in itself. I don’t care how badly you need it! Respectfully, Please do a little research to avoid these unsubstantiated fears. What knife do you carry backpacking? Sometimes I wear the knife on my belt (if you carry your knife in a dangler sheath it rides below your hip belt and does not interfere with your comfort). almost 4k people set out to thru hike the AT last year, not to mention the weekend and section hikers. a knife isn’t going to save you from a bear or a snake. 4) She was warned by other hikers headed in the opposite direction that a mentally unstable hiker was about 2 days away and headed in her direction. But some skinning knife has special Gut hook feature, that you can use for gutting and skinning. Svord VTR Von Tempsky Ranger Knife (Great overall knife, L-6 steel arguably the best & most expensive steel for swords), Khukuris on Amazon or Ebay are sold by scammers, order directly from a Genuine website (look for 5160 steel and full tang). Use your phone? This carry option is ideal as a backup carry for those that can’t be swayed to … Not carrying a knife or some form of small blade is incomprehensible to me and a lot of other backpackers and hikers, but to others it's a piece of gear they don't feel is necessary to carry at all. The knife sheath comes with options for neck carry, belt carry and pocket/pack carry, making it easy to stow wherever works best for you. You shouldn’t care how he hikes (and, if he is a man, however he hikes is by definition “like a man”). Especially when you out of the field so a well-sharpened knife is your closed friend, if you take care of it, so sometimes it can save your life in extreme situations. Folding knives cannot handle the stresses that a fixed blade can due to their mechanical pivot points. You know which one. This is an expert level knife called Masetti. I don’t understand why this is controversial. I'm thinking of using the hip-belt pocket of my backpack, but I read somewhere that this is not a very good idea since you could become separated from your backpack. I also agree that it will always be a bit of “too each their own” in the knife department. I am currently living in an RV near Asheville, NC, hiking my face off almost every day and loving every minute of it. Given the choice of driving 75mph on an interstate I’ll pick an Escalade over a Fiat any day of the week. Too many reasons for having a knife to list here, but to not have one: cutting food (cheese, salami,etc.) Otherwise, you’ve wasted your time and are carrying dead weight. Montana: As of October 2017, concealed carry is fairly unlimited. Generally I carry it on the outside of my pack hooked to a Molle. Thanks for the comment, Tony. I’ll try not to lose any sleep because you will be disregarding further articles from me. Weight: 4.4 oz. And it has another good reason you don’t have to carry any extra sheath or protective guard to save your self or the knife blade. 2. But actually the price will depend on brands and quality. But if you think about its price so it would be $40 to $70, and some companies offer more than $100 especially “Buck and Benchmade” are the most expensive knife brands. It’s one of the safest options there is! Not all people who venture into the woods go on “through hikes.” A “through hike” (to me) is one step up from taking a walk in the local park. I started hiking the AT NOBO in 2017. Sunglasses, sun hats, sun-protective clothing, trekking umbrella, and sunscreen all … They finally moved out, we reported it and they were eventually escorted out. Even though i’m late to this party, I wanted to chime in and say I back you 100% on carrying a knife while hiking. Everyone enjoys a timely laugh. After searching for hiking/camping knives I found your article. To hike the AT you probably could get along fine with a quality Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman multitool (which I also carry). Try hiking like a man. Fine for you if you don't carry one but as for me, I will always carry a knife on me. I haven’t quite figured out which knife I will be wearing as I have many to choose from. Set a compass heading, find a point on the horizon on that heading and go there. My Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter. It could be a choice between strength and dependability vs weight and bulkiness. If you do break a leg then a knife will help make a walking stick or even crutches. Literally no one. /// My contention is that if you get lost on the AT and you die it will be from something that your knife will not help you avoid. Since no one knife will suit every task, some people carry multiple knives. Drop-Point: Especially most folding knives come with drop point features, but it’s not very popular like a clip point knife. Cutting rop or cord for repairs, etc. bathrooms in the woods. It always has been & always will be. I myself am a photographer and often go out into the woods to shoot alone and would like to have a knife with me for protection or utility. And I only own ONE of those. Full tang. Most hunting knives have two different blade designs, these are. From $100 and up to $200, it’s the price range, but you will get a strong knife that you will use anywhere for heavy-duty work. But to me, that’s just crazy. That you people don’t see the need for one says more about how you choose to interact with Nature than it does about the utility of a sharp blade. The stainless steel knives have some different features, it is heavier, expensive and not very easy to sharpen. My dad would take us out and taught us survival skills that stuck, including always carry a fixed blade. Lateral forces can cause the knife to break at the folding point. But I do appreciate the article as I now get to disregard any future articles with his byline.
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