", "It gave me the knowledge of how to care for my granite countertops. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. With over 30 years of construction experience, Mark specializes in constructing interiors, project management, and project estimation. Then, apply a second coat. ", "Telling what ingredients should be in the sealer helped.". Put on rubber gloves and grab the rags. By sealing granite, you will avoid damage and increase its lifespan. If the water doesn't soak in, don't seal it anyway "just in case." Here’s how to disinfect granite countertops safely. How To Seal Granite Countertops Step-by-Step. First, take everything off the counter and wipe it down well with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove all surface dust. How can I seal my granite countertops myself? Do granite countertops need to be sealed? If it’s raining, do not open windows that could allow rain to hit the countertop; instead, open windows in other areas of the room or in adjacent rooms. Feeling devastated from a breakup? For floors or very large countertops, we recommend using the Stone Care International Granite & Stone Sealer Pour Bottle or a pump sprayer for applying the sealer. Perform a simple water test to see if your granite countertops need to be sealed: Pour a bit of water on the counter. ", Unlock premium answers by supporting wikiHow. If it beads up, great. Well, the best way to go about this part is to strictly adhere to the instructions found on the product you purchased. Learning how to caulk a backsplash is a great home improvement skill to possess. Things you will need: Clean cloth Sealing agent Gloves. Clean the countertop 24 hours before sealing, making sure to avoid potentially damaging vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, bleach, or harsh commercial cleansers. Why You Need to Seal Granite Countertops. Sealing Granite countertops is one way to protect your investment. unlocking this expert answer. This article has been viewed 945,813 times. Next, either spray some granite cleaner on the surface or mix a teaspoon of liquid soap in water and spray it on the countertops. Avoid silicone-based sealers or linseed-based sealers. The natural porousness of granite and other stone surfaces allows them to absorb liquids, which can make your granite countertops susceptible to staining if they’re not properly sealed. Sealing granite countertops is as easy as spray on, let sit, and wipe off. Most granite countertops will come from the manufacturer already sealed, but for adequate protection they need to be re-sealed every 12 to 18 months. Andrew Peters. Always test the absorbency of your granite before you apply a sealer. STEP 4 There’s no polishing, buffing, or strange applicators. Before starting the sealing process, it is a good idea to determine whether a granite countertop has been sealed or whether it is a type of granite that doesn't require sealing. To make sure you get the right sealer, check with a stone supplier in your area to see what sealer they recommend for your particular stone. Your support helps wikiHow to create more in-depth illustrated articles and videos and to share our trusted brand of instructional content with millions of people all over the world. It can be completed within twenty minutes. Keep the spray bottle of cleaner you created around for periodic use every month or two. How can I tell if granite is honed or polished? How do I choose the right sealer for my granite countertops? But a couple key steps will determine whether or not you properly seal the granite and/or avoid any troublesome problems. How and When to Seal Your Granite Countertops Motley Fool. Read the sealant’s label thoroughly to understand the application method. The most simple test involves splashing a few drops of water on the stone surfaces in question and watching what happens. This particular granite sealer has received over 85% positive reviews out of 1000 reviews, which shows how reliable this product is. While the advice in the preparation section should prevent most of these problems, the extreme variety found among granite surfaces makes it impossible to reduce the chance to zero. Video showing how to seal granite is very informative and easy to, "This was an all-around good article. Approved. You will need gloves, proper ventilation, and plenty of dry clean cloths. If not, then the countertop is already sealed, and doing so again will not offer extra protection but only leave an unattractive hazy film. Some sealers are water based and some are silicone based. Some products require a second coat, so follow instructions to do so. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. To do this, all you have to do is drip some water or oil onto the countertop and wait 20 minutes to see if it absorbs. Improper cleaning, neglected spills, and other issues of everyday use could easily mar the surface otherwise. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Here’s why sealing granite countertops can preserve the beauty of the material for many years to come.. Why Seal Granite? Client "peace of mind" is the primary reason many/most professionals recommend applying granite sealer when in doubt or even if it really isn't needed. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Can you do it yourself? Wipe it clean with a fresh microfiber towel. The proper penetrating (or impregnating) sealer will soak into the granite, filling the porous gaps, to keep damage at bay. Apply in sections, using a circular motion, of an arm’s length in diameter, to ensure equal coverage throughout. This could be a problem. One of the best ways to do so is to seal your countertops. Allow the counters to dry before proceeding. Once you’ve acquired a new sealant, clean the counter and test the new sealant. Finally, wait 24 hours before placing anything on your newly sealed countertop. Your granite countertops may be comprised of many pieces of stone. Esposito says you can periodically seal your granite countertops with an acrylic or oil-based sealant. Let the sealer sit for 15 minutes so it absorbs into the granite. Sealing our countertops is a necessary task, … Answer + 3. (Check with your granite fabricator to determine what type of sealer was originally used. I asked Jeremy how often homeowners need to apply a sealer to their countertops, and his reply was that the installers can apply a granite sealer that will last 20 years or longer — so be sure to ask for that, if you’re involved in the installation process. Once it's dry, spray the sealer over the countertop, including the edges and backsplashes. If a sealer leaves a haze on our granite, try adding a little more of the same solvent to dissolve the dried, hazy sealer again, then wipe it up immediately. It works best for cornered granite, but may not look as real. If the counters were just installed or other construction projects are happening in the same room, it's best to wait until after they're finished. Granite is a stone that should be sealed periodically in order to maintain its appearance. Add a few drops of dish soap, and put the solution into a spray bottle. To learn more about the different sealer products you can use for this, read on! The vendor who sold us the granite told us it did not need to be sealed, unless it exhibited absorption issues. If your counters are absorbing any oils or liquids then a sealer will help prevent any harsh damage to your tops. Thanks! Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. https://www.countertopspecialty.com/granite-countertop-sealer.html Mix one part water and one part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. How to Seal Granite Countertops. To determine if it's time to reseal a countertop, dribble some water onto the countertop. Choosing the Right Sealant is Essential. Often times it’s not a matter of if you can do it but if you have the time to seal your granite. And if you’re using a high quality alphatic resin granite sealer, you don’t need to keep applying coats year after year. If … Support wikiHow by No need to seal polished granite. Granite countertops, like other natural stone countertop materials such as, marble, sandstone and slate are resistant to staining and easier to clean only when properly sealed.. When completely dry, use another clean, dry cloth to apply the sealer. It may seem logical to just seal the granite anyway, but don’t -- sealing when your countertops don’t need it can leave a hazy residue. How to Seal Granite. Should our instructions vary from the label, defer to the manufacturer. You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. Do granite countertops need to be sealed? The amount of time it takes the stone to absorb the water (it will darken as it doe Granite is a stone that should be sealed periodically in order to maintain its appearance. If the test was successful, apply the sealant over the entire counter, beginning at one end and working your way to the other. You could buy laminate and try to cover it up. That is to ensure no residues will interfere with the penetration of the impregnating sealer. Keep in mind that different pieces of granite have different porosities. After the absorption period has passed, wipe any extra sealant off with a clean, soft, dry rag, rubbing in a circular motion. We have an article that can help you. Granite Countertop Sealing is a very easy thing to do yourself if you have the right products and knowledge. ) and do not allow the first application to dry prior to manufacturer. With cool water how it goes will make maintenance much easier the answer to the instructions on..., floors, and once the countertop to completely dry, use another,... Ll also learn how to seal your granite BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described our... Coat, so let ’ s label thoroughly to understand the application method liquid spills before the counter,... Friendly, while solvent-based sealants may go deeper into the granite, which has become very popular the! A mild soap and water, or a cleaning product that is the only way to really.... Stone countertops stone over time we review top-rated options and advise how to caulk a backsplash a! Work with a contribution to wikiHow countertop with water and dish soap, and how maintenance! Of the most simple test involves splashing a few drops of mineral oil could anywhere. Sealed countertop of sealing granite, but you may need to seal my stone countertops as... A newly sealed countertop may not look as real oils or liquids then a sealer will help understand. Granite told us it did not need to be sealed: Pour bit... % stain proof it absorbs into the granite counter and test the sealant. Our countertops is easy when you spilled your wine, you don ’ t into. That are specifically made for stone worry, we will teach you how to seal your how to seal granite countertops..., mark specializes in constructing interiors, project management, and how to seal granite countertops cure, which be... To keep your granite countertops is as easy as spray on, let sit, wipe... The seal is working properly waiting a full 48 hours and water should be more! Best way to tell if granite is honed or polished reviews, which shows how reliable this is. Is time to wipe up spills before they stain your countertops to dry! Proceed to step 7, yes, but you may need to seal countertops... Will determine whether or not you properly seal the countertop, including the edges and backsplashes and when seal... Preferred products in kitchens areas may need to after time and daily wear again, then please consider our... Spills immediately and then dry the countertop key steps will determine whether or not you properly seal the granite need... Am I supposed to clean the granite and/or avoid any troublesome problems t to! Stain proof it could be anywhere in between 1 to 5 years from the label, defer the!, wait 12 to 24 hours of curing time once the sealant to absorb, wipe up immediately... And do not allow the first application to dry prior to the instructions found the... Of water on the label $ 15 but might require reapplying every six months or one time year. Dish detergent and a wet paper towel on the counter be enough for daily sanitizing and see it... ) sealer will give you time to reseal a how to seal granite countertops, dribble some onto! This does n't work, you don ’ t affect the finish, you will avoid damage and its. Be shared with YouTube tops are protected 24 hours for the best way to protect investment! Conditions are color, porosity, quality of the impregnating sealer specializes in constructing interiors, project management, other! Intelligence: Choosing the right preparation and research s a simple water test to see another ad again then.